Unbreakable Self

On Killer Instinct

Posted in Goals, Wisdom by Ahmed on May 18, 2010

Killer instinct. Some have it, some don’t. Look at Kobe Bryant. The guy is so ruthlessly dedicated to winning and loves the game so much that he’ll do whatever it takes to get his team to the championships, year after year.

Killer instinct is the definitive male trait imo. It’s the trait that tells a man to go after what he wants, despite any fear or trepidation of the consequences of failure. A true man see his objective and fights at all costs to get it. Why?

Because he wants it, it’s his goal. And unbreakable people stick to their goals. They don’t get broken along the way when failure shows it’s face. To the unbreakable self, failure is not only part of the journey, but a necessary element for growth and reflection as we strive to manifest what it is we want.

Keep fighting. Godspeed.



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