Unbreakable Self

It’s All About Self-Expression

Posted in Character by Ahmed on May 24, 2010

I just watched It Might Get Loud the other evening with a very lovely lady 🙂

If you’re a music fan and haven’t watched it yet, watch it. There are so many gems in the movie. Of course, that’s expected when you sit Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White in the same room discussing guitar. Some great moments in there.

When you watch the movie, you get the sense that what stood these guys apart was that they were performing at their highest levels of self-expression. Watch Jack White and tell me that he’s not being true to himself and what he thinks music should sound like. You really feel all of the musicians angst to get the sound that exists in their head, perfectly expressed through their amps. This is the ultimate challenge of their craft and this is our ultimate challenge as individuals.

How do we express the feelings, attitudes, humor, creativity, and awesomeness that makes us, well, us?

I have a few takes on this and am really beginning to hone in on methods like the Sedona Method for relaxation (the key to creativity), along with strong goal-setting programs like Tony Robbins Personal Power (without goals we’re going nowhere but in circles). But it’s way more than that. It’s really identifying the humor that makes us personally funny, the music that embodies our attitudes towards life (ie are you a blues person, a pop gal?), the conversations that make us tick, and the purpose that drives our lives.

This is what the Unbreakable Self blog looks to uncover, providing you with top quality material on self-actualization, expression, some humor along the way, and a place for you to chime in your thoughts on what makes us tick, so that we can all truly embody our unbreakable selves.

Well, til next time amigos. Until then, a little tidbit from the movie It Might Get Loud.


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