Unbreakable Self

The Search and a Tiny List

Posted in Goals, Lists by Ahmed on February 16, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Recently I moved to a new city, started a new job at an awesome startup, moved back home with the parents, and am regularly pulling 12-hour workdays all indoors while seated. A lot of changes. Some great, some ok, some just changes. The fact is though that it’s adding up and I’m slightly stressed and in search of a some creative fulfillment.

Besides my outdoor “wildman” workouts after work (sporadic) and riding my motorcycle on the weekends – I’m in need of a hobby in my spare time. I mean, I still read a lot, but I’m just not fulfilled. So…the search begins. Some possibilities:

Graphic Design – mockup some fun pages of quotes or help design a logo for free.

Music – I’m playing drums again with friends every other week. Enroll for a drum lesson! 2/month.

Book/Week – need to get back on track with a book/week. Reading 1984 right now.

Toastmasters – I fell of the wagon on this after earning my Competent Communicator in December 2011. See next.

Improve Comedy – MUST DO! Enroll in a class.

There it is. A list of five things that I can do that will help get me out of a creative rut. Hopefully this tiny process helps you bust out of yours 🙂

In Strength,




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