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The Search and a Tiny List

Posted in Goals, Lists by Ahmed on February 16, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Recently I moved to a new city, started a new job at an awesome startup, moved back home with the parents, and am regularly pulling 12-hour workdays all indoors while seated. A lot of changes. Some great, some ok, some just changes. The fact is though that it’s adding up and I’m slightly stressed and in search of a some creative fulfillment.

Besides my outdoor “wildman” workouts after work (sporadic) and riding my motorcycle on the weekends – I’m in need of a hobby in my spare time. I mean, I still read a lot, but I’m just not fulfilled. So…the search begins. Some possibilities:

Graphic Design – mockup some fun pages of quotes or help design a logo for free.

Music – I’m playing drums again with friends every other week. Enroll for a drum lesson! 2/month.

Book/Week – need to get back on track with a book/week. Reading 1984 right now.

Toastmasters – I fell of the wagon on this after earning my Competent Communicator in December 2011. See next.

Improve Comedy – MUST DO! Enroll in a class.

There it is. A list of five things that I can do that will help get me out of a creative rut. Hopefully this tiny process helps you bust out of yours 🙂

In Strength,




On Killer Instinct

Posted in Goals, Wisdom by Ahmed on May 18, 2010

Killer instinct. Some have it, some don’t. Look at Kobe Bryant. The guy is so ruthlessly dedicated to winning and loves the game so much that he’ll do whatever it takes to get his team to the championships, year after year.

Killer instinct is the definitive male trait imo. It’s the trait that tells a man to go after what he wants, despite any fear or trepidation of the consequences of failure. A true man see his objective and fights at all costs to get it. Why?

Because he wants it, it’s his goal. And unbreakable people stick to their goals. They don’t get broken along the way when failure shows it’s face. To the unbreakable self, failure is not only part of the journey, but a necessary element for growth and reflection as we strive to manifest what it is we want.

Keep fighting. Godspeed.


Goal Setting – Day 1

Posted in Goals by Ahmed on May 18, 2010

So, we are back and for the next 10 days, we’re going to be working on setting our goals and finding out why we do what we do to get where we want to go. Without goals, life is like taking a road trip with no real destination or map, just driving to drive. And after having driven through CA, AZ, NM, TX, CO, and UT for 5 weeks, believe me, knowing your destination and how to get there is crucial.

Let’s begin with an article taken from the Top Achievement site. This article outlines why we make our goals and how to ensure success with everything we put on paper.



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